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10′ Reefer Container

The smallest reefer container in our collection offers approx. 13 m³ of thermally regulated space. The container is ideal for event use, tight spaces and construction sites. The container is adjustable between -40 and +35 °C with an accuracy of about one degree, depending on the model.

20′ Reefer Container

The 20′ (6 m) Reefer Container is the most popular and best-selling new reefer container in our collection. The container offers approx. 27 m³ of thermally regulated space for transportation or storage. The container has its own 32A powered refrigeration unit at one end wall and double doors at the other end.

40′ HC Reefer Container

The 40′ (12 m) HC Reefer Container offers approx. 76 m³ of thermally regulated space. All our 12 m Reefer Containers are High Cube models that are about 30 cm higher than the standard model. One end wall of the container has a 32A power refrigerating system and the other end wall has double doors.